Saturday, November 06, 2010


Well, it’s been a couple of days since my last blog. I’ve been hearing news on rape cases. It’s really disturbing. Come to think of it we are a Christian nation and rape cases are so rampant nowadays. I found this site; hope this will go to our market real soon! Nope this is not the deodorant you guys are thinking of.

This kind of condom can only be removed surgically. What an innovative way. The culprit will surely shout… “Aray!”

Friday, September 24, 2010

Instant Meet Up!

Expect the unexpected. Yesterday was my usual office work routine. We have our weekly shutdown meetings. One of my colleagues saw a rainbow. I grabbed a photo of it.

It’s almost 5pm, still in the office. The management provided food. I had carbonara, barbeque, chicken, lumpia. This filled up my tummy. I called up cousin Daryl, if she wanted to meet up. Good thing we had the same schedule, she’s off 5pm. After my call, my mom and sister texted me, they were in Greenbelt. Well, so I arrange if we can all meet up again. Good old times. So here we are, grabbed a few bites of gelato then heads towards Teriyaki Boy. Guess, it’s true, if you don’t planned on anything, in most cases, 85% it will push through than planning ahead of time.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Community Service

Finally, sorry for the late post. Been busy... But here it is. Last September 4, 2010, HP peeps went to Novaliches to do community service. We volunteered. Rocky, Franz and I thought of doing some hard work. And so we did. We had a blast, work, work, work. GSD peeps was full force. Keith, Jade, Aloha, Billy, etc. Sorry if I missed somebody. We had fun. It was so tiring, but it's worth it. Cannot wait for the second run!

 I conquer!

Gloves I used

Monday, September 06, 2010


Hmmm.... I am starting to like Frozen Yogurt. Thanks Sis for introducing this to me. I have tried Teriyaki’s Boy and Golden Spoon's Belgian flavor. Ang sarap! Two thumbs up!

Oh, happy monthsarry, my dearest Mia. I'm glad you love yogurt as well. Sa uulitin!

Kikufuji – August 29, 2010

If you want authentic Japanese food, be sure to go to Kikufuji! Yes, I don’t know what this means. But it’s sure I’ll have another taste of sushi and sashimi real soon! They cut it big! Yummy!

Perhaps on my Father’s birthday. My cousin, Daryl knows a lot of places and foods. So whenever we hang out, I sure am having the best place that we can trash our money. Not expensive; but it will satisfy your tummy. Here are some of the photos I grabbed.

Our next stop: Kopi Roti. Little background, this baby is been around since 1955. I thought this is Philippine made. I asked my Daryl, how come I don’t see this café. She said that this café began in Singapore. Guess that answers my question. Here are some of the photos. And they sell siomai too! Their coffee is awesome. What can I say, when we go to restaurants, we often commented on the picture to the actual food. Well, here at Kopi Roti, the buns looks small on the picture but when it served, you’ll be mesmerized. Great concept! Keep it up! Good thing we didn’t ordered 2 more of cream pups! Did I get the name, cream pups right? I forget the exact name. It's really yummy.

With cousins Daryl, Christian and Sister, Ging

Ah yes, I recall, this is the second time. The first taste was with my buddy, Jon.

I missed the Big Bike! Shall we go there next? I want Mia to see it, good times!

2 Hours Ride!

Yawn… I checked my schedule last night. Good thing I was able to find out that I am on a 10am shift. I thought I was still on a 9am schedule. So when in doubt, always check everything before you leave.

Had a chicken and coffee breakfast earlier; do my usual routine. Wash up, get dressed. Leave home. Travel time in our area is really tough. I always give allowance. Expect the unexpected. As soon as I get off our service jeep, the FX terminal to Ayala was really a box office hit. Loving the line! As if we all are going to watch a movie. Time check, 7:30 am. It’s still early so I decided to get a bus. There’s no Ayala route so I have to take the Quiapo bus which is going to Robinson’s Galleria. The bus had a video on it; the show was Tekken. I was astounded, the video is not pirated. It’s crystal clear. I was right on the box office thing.

Next stop, Robinson’s Galleria; I could say, the ride was smooth. I did not notice the time. I know it was traffic, perhaps the video keeping me company. I had to take a pee, thank you Jollibee for helping me fulfill this. And there, I’m on my way to Ayala. I had to cross to EDSA. And there, the journey continues. While on the bus, there’s a video again, this time, it’s a Jackie Chan movie. I don’t know the title. He’s a CIA agent. Same quality, the video was crystal clear. Too bad there’s a problem on the clutch of the bus so we have to transfer to another one. We were in between Ayala and Buendia. It was almost 9:30 am. Still keeping my cool. And wala, next thing I know, I’m in the office now.

This is my Monday morning so far. Keeping it alive.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Talk Series 3

Hello friends, Tin Tin is inviting you on a free seminar specially for mommies. Refer to the details below:

Failure again

I ran to this site, Ten things the Philippines bus siege police got wrong from BBC. Charles Shoebridge, he is a security for the British Army and Scotland Yard provides us 10 areas that PNP needs to better handle a hostage crisis.

1.    Determination
2.    Lack of equipment
3.    Lost opportunity to disarm the gunman
4.    Lost opportunity to shoot the gunman
5.    Satisfying the gunman's demands
6.    Televised proceedings
7.    No element of surprise
8.    Safeguarding the public
9.    Using the gunman's brother to negotiate
10.  Insufficient training

More of this on BBC news.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congratulations Maria Venus Raj

From being a candidate # 10 at the BB Pilipinas, landed at Top 5 for the Miss Universe Pageant, you make us proud. Here's the Question and Answer portion on the BB Pilipinas and on the Miss Universe as well.

For BB. Pilipinas title:

Question: how far would you go to achieve your dream?

Answer: I think to achieve my dream I really do my best, to really achieve what I want in life, because at the end of the day, it is only me who can help me a lot. And have God within me.

For Miss Universe:

Question: What is one mistake in your life and how were you able to make it right?

Answer: Thank you very much sir for that wonderful question. Good evening Las Vegas! In my 22 years of existence, I don’t think I have a major major problem done in my life. I’m very confident in the love my family has given me. And I’m so happy to be here!!! Thank you, thank you so much!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Finally after 6 long years of service, my Sony Ericsson bids farewell. I haven't changed any keypads, casing; just its headset (twice), battery (once). I'm going to missed you. Unfortunately, the timing was not right. I haven't transferred by contacts. So now I am rebuilding it on my new Nokia. Just like old times! My first phone was a Nokia 6110 then 8210. I can't believe it that this 8210 before worth 20K. If I haven't lost my 8210, we’ll probably he is still around. I purchased Sony Ericsson k700i at SM Megamall. I forgot what year it was. Back then, it's has a price tag of 19K care of Globe. My Sony wasn't able to wait for me to transfer my contacts. It dies out on me. I'm going to missed you dear old friend. I'm happy; I was able to save my pictures, videos, memories.